Movie HD App Download For Android/iOS

Movie HD is an Android app specially designed and organized to watch free movies on Android & iOS. It has millions of videos to stream onto your device. Movie HD app is the perfect solution to entertain yourself with movies & TV shows.

There are no subscriptions or Sign-Ups needed to use this App. You can get the Movies HD Android App for free. I will give you the link below to download the app without any cost. With my tutorial, you will be able to download & install this movies app on your android phone easily.

Movie HD download For iOS – [iOS – any iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices]

Usage of smartphones touched the sky nowadays. You can get my point by looking around, people always carrying smartphones with them. And the craziest smartphone we have so far is Android. In this Android, we have different versions of the jelly bean, kit kat & more to come as well different brands like Samsung, HTC & more to involve.

movie hd app interface

Install Movie HD App For Android

This movie is somewhat secret oriented in the eyes of Play Store. That is why it is not available in their market. But no worries at all! I have a quick solution to get that Movie HD for Android. So without any delay, I will get my procedure for you to install Movie HD on smartphones. Let’s see the steps involved

1) We Sideload Android with APK file to install Movie HD app. Find the download link below.

2) When you finished downloading that apk file, now go to the file location on your smartphone.

3) Just click on that Movie HD apk file

4) It asks your permission to gather some information to run successfully. Press Install

movie hd install button5) Again Press Next to proceed further in procedure

next button to install6) When you Click on Next, the process starts & App get installed on your mobile.

installing progress

7) You are all set to go to the Movies Menu. Just Open that app and watch a lot of movies on Movie HD app.

Note: Movie HD for iOS (iPad/iPhone)

That was the entire procedure to install Movie HD on Android with Movie HD Apk file. I hope the app is working fine on your device. It was time taking when I first tried to install on my Android KitKat.

Download Movie HD App For Android

As we know Android craze nowadays, Too that he is we are adding some unique spice with Movie Apps. There have been developing Crores of apps on the android platform, but entertainment category dominates all the time. Everybody knows it man, Without Entertainment live is nothing. Tensions, pressures & every bad aspect will be out of its way when you stick with a movie on Movie HD app.

Movie HD App Download

I swear you do not even get bored of movies as they instantly upload more and more all the time. Remember that you would be the lag one compared to Movie HD movies. Direct streaming without any obstacles is promised by the developers. In my view, everybody should have this app with them to have a little fun with movies of different Genres like Romantic, Comedy, Horror & Action. Like that, we do have TV serials with a lot of sessions for free to watch from any device and anywhere.

Please do share this app to spread useful information to your folks. Enter your comment if you feel any difficulty or problem with Movie HD installation on Android. Thanks for reading my post.


  1. How can I change the location of the downloaded movies? It all goes in the device memory instead of sd card?

  2. Hi,

    Great App, Any chance of adding the TV show Castle to the App.



  3. movie addict


    to admin.
    why to it stop working on my egeat i5 android 2.3? can you please help me?!

  4. Hi,

    I try download this apps and every time when i open this app no connection…

    can someone help me for solved this problem.


  5. There’s a problem on it. It does not working even there is an internet connection. And it keeps saying that there is none. Ugh! Can you help me? Tell me what’s wrong? I use jellybean

  6. This is one of the best movie apps. I found this app by reading the comments on another movie app called showbox. This app has a lot of movies they don’t have and the same for them.
    None of the movies (as far as I have seen) are not “bootlegged” like all the other free movie apps.
    Thank you so much for making this app

  7. Toni Currie


    I have been waiting for the FTWD updates. I know Series 2 has started. Pleeeease update its driving me crazy waiting. Thanks in advance

  8. I still get the no connection message on my Samsung Galaxy note 4 I deleted the app and reinstalled and it still gives me same message .
    The thing is I got another Samsung DUOS that has two dims and it works fine pls help Mr App maker

  9. Here is the fix to “No Connection, Retry” error >>

  10. Vamsi Krishna


    Here is the best fix to “No connection, Retry” error >>

  11. a load of bollocks all ya get is no connection a theres defenitly nothinn wrong with internet connection

  12. Mikel Eason


    It’s saying no connection retryvwhat does that mean??????

  13. Shannon garabrandt


    Yes there is a problem with the app.. I’ve had it about a month or so and now just the other day you it started saying that (No Connection ) Retry. But we have Internet with WIFI connection !ND my Internet is working just fine….. And I’ve tried to follow the steps that they have on the one page and it didn’t work or fix the problem. . I really do love the app and it normally work great without any issues. . PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO SEND OUT A FIX TO THE PROBLEM… Thanks for making such a great app but please fix it soon.

  14. Do I need to use IP blocker when using your app by downloading or streaming . or do you already do something that restricts your website. I ask because before I found your app I went to put locker and sockshare. My internet provider sent noticed to stop. Or they would cancel my service site due to copyright laws. So I have IP address blocker however I cannot mirror my phone to the TV. Unless I download file from your app first. I would like to be able to stream through chrome cast without downloading. Also when i get retry no internet connection are you just adding more to the site. Thanks in advance I appreciate your website.

  15. Why all or most of the movie on the movie hd says it can’t play this video? Pls fix it

  16. Do you have a version of the app for LG smart TV’s? as
    I can’t mirror from my Samsung tablet to the LG tv.

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