Movie HD Apk Download Updated Version 4.43

Hi, everyone! Movie HD has been spreading all the way in the movies category of Android apps. This app is a huge following as this gives you total freedom to watch latest movies & TV shows online for free.

Movie HD app is not available in the play store, So people usually use apk method to install this app on Android and other devices.

This Movie HD Apk is useful to install Movie HD on PC/MAC & Android/iOS. Where ever you want to install this Movie HD app, you need to have an APK file with you. In this post, I have got a genuine source to download that apk file into your device right now. This app is transformed from HD Cinema > Sky HD > Movie HD.

movie hd apk

Movie HD Apk Installation Guide

Why is this app so popular? Have you ever think about it? If you ask that question to me, my answer goes like this; Getting full-time entertainment on your smartphone/PC or any device without any sign-up process, monthly subscriptions & free of cost is the reason why it has got that much following among the other Android apps in the market. Movie HD apk is useful for Blackberry Phones like BB Z10, Z3, Passport, Classic & Leap.

NOTE: Click on “UPDATE”, if the app asks you to update it after opening. Below is the link. We Highly recommend you to install the Showbox App to watch movies on Android.

Of course, there are other apps also present in the movies category like Showbox, PlayBox HD & Cartoon HD; this app got it’s unique features to dominate them. Continue reading the unique unknown facts of Movie HD app. Knowing the information costs nothing. You can make your move now forward.

Download link is given Below, let us first know Why To Choose Movie HD?

  • Movie HD app is a free application to watch movies & TV shows on any device.
  • The size of the apk file is very less in size.
  • Developers keep trying to fix all the bugs with it.
  • Daily updated content for movies & TV shows.
  • Different Genres to get the movies for your different moods.
  • Search your favorite movie & watch it.
  • There are filters like Latest, Popular & Rating to arrange the films.
  • Watch Free Movies and Stream TV shows in Android.

Download link: Download Movie HD APK

movies hd app apk

How To Install MovieHD.Apk on Android Smartphone

1) Go to the Settings > Privacy > Uknown Sources and check the Allow unknown sources

2) Now Click on that downloaded apk file to install it on Android

3) It asks you to press Install to go further

4) Now touch on Next to accept it’s terms and conditions

5) Wait until Movie HD app gets installed on your Android.

6) Once installed, App is installed message will be displayed. Now press Open

This is the door to go to movies world. I hope the latest apk file worked for you. If you have any problem with that Apk file, then you must ask your question in the comments section below. I will help you to solve your problem.

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  1. I installed the app nut i get the ” no connection” message.

  2. When I open the app it says no connection, I reintalled app and still not working, it did open a few days ago and do not know how to fix, I have not done any upgrades so nothing has changed, thx for any help..

  3. Shirley Griffin


    Hi i have signed up to your site and am asking for help please. I had Movies HD instalked but it stopped working. After trying everything else i decided to uninstall it and then reinstall, but unfortunately, -whilst it lets me download the app, i just get the sign cannot open page, whjen i want to install it. What is going on?

  4. Hey, I’ve downloaded the file, but getting a message all the time ‘ no connection’, while I have perfect reception on my wi-fi. Please let me know what might be the problem. Thanks a lot.

  5. Please help. I kept getting no connection error on my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro tablet. I’ve tried un-install and reinstalled many times already but still get the same error.

  6. Everytime i open the app, it shows “No Connection” even tho i have stable internet. I keep clicking the retry button but it wont work . please help.

    • It’s a free application sometimes it’s the application sometimes it’s the servers we are streaming from just wait sucks I know but remember it’s free and we are lucky they are taking the time to do it at all.

      P.s showbox is a great alternative occasionally it does the same but it’s freeware it’s expected to happen sometimes

  7. I cant open it.. it show no connection . Why.? Can u solve this problem

  8. You should make a movie HD for HTC

  9. Ok everyone. If it says no connection the server is down. It happens all the time. The it works again later. Sometimes it take a week or more. Everyone chill out!!! Everyone complains about free stuff.

  10. keeps sayin file format is not supported

  11. Please help!. Im using xperia z1 compact and its not working. No connection always. Ive tried the mtf procedure but still fail to connect. Thanks in advance.

  12. Very Nice

  13. Every time i open this app is no connection retry l. Why? Thanks

  14. install it with root explorer it workscfine

  15. It keeps saying there are no streams available

  16. Pretty sure there’s some sort of scam with the “no connection” bs.. They say to fix it just download MFTI installer but before you do check what it wants you to allow access to, which is everything a program shouldn’t be asking you to access..

  17. 3 days lmao no offense but are you on a mobile connection if so don’t expect fast downloads and if it’s WiFi update I have a 60mb download 10mb upload and it takes me about 30 to 45 minutes to download a movie depending on how many user are hitting that server at the same time . It’s a popular application remember millions of people are download /streaming at the same time . That being said most the time it’s your connection try turning off WiFi put it in airplane mode that makes sure it kills all active network connections. then turn off airplane mode turn WiFi back on or mobile connection witch ever you are using. Hope that helps if you are using WiFi also try unplugging the router leave it unplugged for 3 minutes then plug it in it should automatically renew eveything good luck if mobile call company cuss then out lol jk call and ask them to help check your mobile connection setting cause its running low warning you will be in the phone for an hour or more but worth it I did it tech switch it to a less busy tower in my area or something I dunno lol it worked better after but that was like 4 cellphonea ago . Anyway good luck

  18. Please fix.. Thank for all the time and effort you put into the application I always just wait moviehd ain’t let me down yet . Please tell the whole team thank you .. maybe in the future an moviehd that works on psp running cf 6.660 🙂 that would be so awesome ..

    Look everybody if you get can’t connect it’s either the site we are streaming from or the application remember we don’t pay 1 cent for the latest content give the programmer’s a break and remember watch an ad sometimes support them for all the hard work they do don’t block it even if you can. This takes time and alot of work watching a 30 second clip for the content we get is nothing compared to what a company would charge a month to access the same content so be patient it will work again keep calm try showbox that don’t work try torrents as a last resort kickass,piratebay,isohunt, are a few

  19. Streaming ? Streaming quality haves nothing to do with the application it haves to do with your connection try downloading a movie then playing it sense hundreds of people are trying to stream or download it the streaming is a hit and miss best to download watch delete

  20. steve sparkes


    Sorry Jim but your wrong, I am now into week 6 and I am still receiving the message “no connection”. Fed up now so I have deleted the app and just using Popcorn and cartoon hd apps

  21. Michael Reda


    The app is really extraordinary but….. It will be better if you add the subtitle option in it…. It will be great for all people all over the world…..

    *and try to add singers concerts beside the movies and the tv shows…. That will be great….
    Keep working on this app… It is awsome

  22. It is stupid it used to be great it would us my movie player now all the movies are cannot play

  23. David Beyers


    I downloaded the app and every movie I click on said can’t play this movie

  24. Latifah louis


    Every time i to download a movie app its telling me UNABLE TO SCAN PLEASE HELP ME

  25. There’s a certain way that you have to play them. If it has 360 at the end it should work -I think- I had the exact same problem and was left to figure it out myself

  26. Hi Guys, It seems that they have issue with the latest version.
    I suggest to use to older versions which works last. 🙂

    Works fine with me.

  27. nice.

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