Movie HD No Connection Retry Error [Working Fix for all Issues]

I think nothing is a great welcoming idea, when you lose something. But certainly, after going through my post, you’ll feel that you’ve lost nothing. Because I’m gonna give you an absolute solution for Movie HD No Connection Retry Error and any other issues. Movie HD not working or not streaming, when the users are trying to update it. Here is a solution for it. It is really a great experience having journey with Movie HD as it comes with so many advantages.

Of course, it’s having few problems as well. I’ve published almost all the guides regarding Movie HD and it’s using procedures. Now I would like to discuss some common issues with the app like Movie HD No Connection Retry errorServer/streaming and update problem for 2016.

You’ll surely see that your app is up and running, after following my guide. In case you want to try any other app, get any Movie HD alternative apps to your device, if you wanna use till this app get fixed. So, kindly follow the article I’ve written here.

Movie HD No Connection Retry Error Fix

I will be giving solution to different problems with Movie HD application and for Movie HD for iPhone or iPad also. Please sit tight to know the greatest things about Movie HD films app and it’s proper usage on android as well as on computer.

Fix for No connection Retry on Movie HD/MegaBox HD/Sky HD

This problem arises with the movies which are posted recently to servers of Movie HD. No need to get tensed! There are two solutions that actually worked for users of different android smartphones. Here is the first one.

Method #1 – Using MFTInstaller for Not working issue

MFTInstaller is an apk file which consists of Movie HD and other apps. This is a completely free app, you can read disclaimer about this in the following link.

We’re not promoting this apk file, it’s up to your own risk to install it. I’ve tried it in my device, it’s working good and I’ve no issues till now.

1) First off, download the apk here.

2) If you’ve downloaded the (.apk ) to PC, then you must move it to your mobile.

3) After making sure that it is in your Smartphone, install that apk.

4) Later installing it, go to “Movies/TV”.

5) You’ll find the app there, install it.

6) Then you can open the app as usually and watch movies.

This is the perfect one to solve your No connection error. Do follow it carefully and complete it well.

Method #2

Simply turn off and turn on your Wi-Fi connection setting. Then open the app. I’m not totally sure about this one, but do try it if you can’t get success with first procedure.

That’s all, now you’ll be able to watch it without any Movie HD not streaming/working/No connection problem. This same process applicable to MegaBox HD and Sky HD etc. DO SHARE with your allies, if you’ve found it helpful and post your priceless comments.